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React rendering cheatsheet

This is a visual aid for the very good article about React's rendering behaviour by Mark Erikson. Below are drawings with live Codesandbox examples which you can explore and play with. If you want more detail, I encourage you to read the original article.

Example 1: Parent component is rendered

In general, a component is rendered if its parent component is rendered (for whatever reason). If the parent is not rendered, then the component will be rendered only if it triggered a re-render with a state setter or uses a context value that changed (more on context below).

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Example 2: Context value changed (inefficient)

A component is rendered if it uses a context value and that value changes. However since context naturally comes from a parent, any change triggered by that parent will cause a cascading re-render of the whole app.

Example 3: Context value changed (efficient)

To avoid cascading re-render we can use the same-element reference technique. Simply speaking, React will not re-render a child if it comes from props and its references the same element across renders. If we put a context provider in another component that takes children props, we can avoid unnecessary renders.

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Example 4: Meaningless memoization

One way to avoid unnecessary re-render in React is to use React.memo. However it does not make sense if we pass new references to it on each render. Some examples are newly created objects or functions.

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Example 5: Meaningful memoization

To make use of React.memo we need to utilize tools that React provides that memoized the very values we pass to React.memo. These are useCallback and useMemo.

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Example 6: Context and memoization

Another way to avoid unnecessary re-renders when using Context API is to simply wrap the child of the context provider with React.memo. This way we ensure that only those components which actually need the context value are re-rendered when it changes.

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